At London and Kent Construction Ltd we don’t just build your extensions and loft conversions. We help to make sure that your well-constructed alterations are also decorated to the highest standards too.

Having lived and worked in Eltham for many years, between us we have seen the changes that have slowly taken place. Not just in the architecture and appearance of buildings but in the choices available to people looking for services, such as decorating in London. Finding someone to do your painting and decorating in London is a big decision; the small local painters and decorators seem to be harder to find, and when you do find someone it is hard to know if you can trust them.

With so many people offering  their painting and decorating services locally to South East London, it is hard to know who to trust and who to hand your property over to. So how can you find a good, reliable, trustworthy decorator in London?
We understand the act of trust it takes for you to appoint someone to come into your home to do your decorating in London. Here are a few reasons for you to ask London and Kent Construction to do your painting and decorating in your beautiful London home:

  • We are local. If you choose a local decorator or firm of decorators you will have access to more information and recommendations from neighbours, friends and colleagues. We are local people who you can trust. What’s more, we come with thousands of personal recommendations. The Royal Borough of Greenwich recommends us as well as the people affected by the charitable organisations we support.
  • We finish the job. Often the painting and decorating phase of a project can be the bit that drags on or never gets quite finished. Make sure that the firm you choose to do your decorating  understands your needs, is happy to work with an interior designer if you have one and will do a good job in good time. At London and Kent Construction Ltd we offer an internal and external decorating service. We do a great job in our construction field; we want to make sure the decorating looks exceptional too!
  • We offer an integrated service. If you are having construction work done we take into account both function and appearance to provide you with the space and look that you need. This means that while you are planning construction you can also consider the final internal and external appearance of a space, as well as how it will function.
  • We use the right tools. We don’t have a one-paint-fits-all policy; we believe that the type of paint used is as important as the colour. We use the best materials for the particular job that it needs to do which means that with a little tlc your décor will look fresh for years to come.

During our time building, painting and decorating within London we have seen trends come and go; we have changed people’s homes and helped to improve their day to day living. We are proud of the work that we have done, and that we continue to do, in London and Kent. We understand the needs of our customers and we understand our job, from the perspective of the customer, of our community and local people, and of a painter and decorator in London looking to do a great job.DSC00042