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Blocked Drains

The inconvenience of a blocked drain can be a worry in every household but blockages from internal and external drains can be easily cleared using Flexible Rods with different attachments on. The other method to unblock drains is High Pressure Jetting machinery. High pressure jetting is mainly used if the blockages to the drains are extensive and cannot be reached by the rodding system. We have special attachments and lances that can unblock almost any drain and disperse of the foreign debris within the drain run. After clearing the blockages we always jet the inspection / man hole on completion. All of these drain clearance methods have been tried and tested by us here at London and Kent Construction Ltd.

Blocked Sinks and Basins

Blocked sinks and basins are normally caused by the following items, oils, fats, grease, rice hair, toothpaste, soaps, and small food particles
Normally no jetting or rodding is necessary for this and can be cleared using plungers or by dismantling the pipework / traps under these items.


A blocked drain can be caused for various reasons. It could be that foreign material has found its way into the drains and as these materials have not been designed to be flushed away or disposed of in this manner then this will cause a blockage. Other reasons may simply be a build-up of grease, dirt, leaves or silt. There is also the possibility of a structural defect or damage caused by tree roots or corrosion. London and Kent Construction’s drain clearance department will always investigate the source of the blockage and use the appropriate methods to get your drain unblocked quickly and efficiently.
Our areas of coverage are all of the SE /South East London postcodes and North West Kent. These include all of the BR and DA postcodes.