Got a flood? Had a fire? Broken windows? London and Kent Construction Ltd can provide you with its reactive maintenance team! The team is fully equipped to ensure the integrity of your building and is our first response operatives. Their duty is to make safe as quickly as is possible and reduce the risk of further damage to your property.

Recent floods


Most properties with basements / cellars get flooded with heavy rain full. The basements / cellars can get flooded with contaminated water from sewers and blocked drains overflowing. Our emergency response team can pump the water from your property within hours from your first phone call. As we are located in South East England our coverage is limited to the London, Kent and Surrey areas but may differ if you contact us first.  Although insurance approved building contractors the cost will be down to yourselves until the insurance company agrees to pay for the works direct.

Emergency means something different to everyone, we at London and Kent Construction Ltd understand this and can provide you with a response package relative to your requirements, so if you have a one off problem or would like to know that you have a team of skilled tradesmen on hand to resolve an issue as soon as it arises we can design a package to fit with your requirements.

We can also provide a preventative maintenance program for your property to give you the peace of mind that your property is looked after and maintained to a high standard. This really does save companies money as prevention is better than cure!

Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.