London and Kent Construction Ltd’s premium wet room fitters will provide you with a high spec, functional wet room without any stress.

The popularity of wet rooms has risen at a surprising rate over the last few years for several reasons. Wet rooms are easy to maintain, very fashionable, a great way to utilise limited space and easy to use. Not only that but they look great too; where once wet rooms were used by people with limited mobility, these days a wet room is the height of luxury and sophistication.

In short, a wet room is a waterproofed room containing a shower. In order to make sure that water drains away satisfactorily, the wet room floor needs a gentle slope; incorrect sloping can lead to flooding and leaks, making wet room installation a job that needs to be undertaken by professionals.

As wet room specialists, London and Kent Construction’s team understand the practical and cosmetic logistics of wet room fitting and will help you to construct yours without leaks, damaged ceilings and unwanted repair bills. We have considerable experience in wet room fitting and can offer advice on the best materials and products to use to ensure that your wet room has the wow factor and stays water tight for years to come.

Due to the high demand for friendly local builders we limit the areas in which we work to South East London, Dartford, Bromley and Tunbridge Wells.  For a free quote or to find out if we work in your area, contact us.