If you can’t go up or out what about down?

Cellar conversions are great but very costly. You can look at paying around £1,000.00 per cubic meter but they make good games rooms, kitchens, studies, utility rooms, gyms – you can even have a swimming pool installed.

How much does a cellar/basement conversion cost?

This depends on a number of things. Prices for basement/cellar conversions differ from location , water tables, soil conditions, underpinning, shoring and the structural element and of course size. So the true cost of a conversion can differ tremendously.

Here are some questions and answers we receive regarding basement / cellar conversions

Q Will the cost of a basement/ cellar conversion add money to my property?
A Yes it would but depending on the area you live in depends if you would get you money back or make a profit. For example, if you live in Central London or even out as  far as Blackheath the chances are you would make a profit after adding a conversion to your property, but if you lived in the Medway area the cost against the price of a basement/cellar conversion could outweigh the cost of the property.

Q Do I need planning permission?
A We would advise that you talk to your local council first no matter what. They are the only people that can give you that answer.

Q Can I create a basement/cellar conversion if I don’t already have a void/space under my house?
A Yes you can, although this would involve a lot of underpinning and structural alterations.  It is still feasible with the correct structural calculations and planning permission.

Basement / Cellar Conversions

Below is a sample of basement / cellar conversions we have undertaken. Get in touch with the team to see how we can transform your home with a basement / cellar conversion to suit your needs and budget.

Project 1 – Conversion of cellar to make use of unused space to provide an office and a utility room.We were lucky with this cellar’s headroom which was already 2 meters, this made easy work for us builders. We had to lower the floor by 300mm to insulate and make watertight. We then had to tank the walls, that is waterproof the walls with a sand and cement render with a sika waterproof additive.
Fire proof the ceiling and board.
Plaster complete.

Project 2 – Small cellar conversion to provide a children’s playroom and utility room. Height 2 metres, all walls and floors tanked using Sika System.

No such luck here. We had a lot of excavation to do as well as lower the floor by 1.5 meters; we had to remove to soil to walls to make this 4 meters by 3 meters. 17 skips later we were ready for retaining walls.

The client wanted to use this for dry storage only.
This small cellar conversion was in Lewisham South East London

Project 3 – Wasted arch space converted to provide a dry storage area and toilet facilities.
These were old arched coal bunkers.
We had to take back the top landing by 600mm.
Widen the patio area below
In one of the arches we supplied and fitted a toilet and hand basin.
The other arches where used for dry storage and bin enclosures.
These works were carried out in Chelsea, Central London.
Chelsea, a parking nightmare for us builders!

Project 4 – Basement / cellar conversion and a basement court yard.

This basement renovation/ conversion was carried out in Lee SE12 London. It is a 4-storey Edwardian property.

The cellar / basement was already there but had some damp and was in need of a complete renovation. The client looked straight out of their kitchen window at the lawn that was about 1.4 meters high from their floor level. They wanted us to take the back of their wall out and reduce the level of their garden patio area and create a court yard at a lower level.

We took over 120 tons of soil away to do this.

You can see we have taken most of the soil away now to the new courtyard area.

We took over 120 tons of soil away to do this.

You can see we have taken most of the soil away now to the new courtyard area.

We have carried out connections to the drainage for the water to soak away.

Now we have completed the excavation to the courtyard area we are ready to install all of the steelworks that have been calculated by a structural engineer.
Once all of the steelwork is in place we then have to pour the concrete floor.
We need to work quick now as there is a chance of all the soil and clay collapsing in on us.

We built the concrete walls first in front of the steel work and then pour concrete behind the concrete blocks to cover the structural steel work.

These show you the walls in place and the flat rendering complete.
We have also laid a limestone patio area to both levels of the garden.

The stairs also have limestone slabs and a steel track ready to take the glass banisters. These show the basement garden / courtyard finished.
The glass banisters are in place and the glass walls.
The concertinaed doors are fitted and the basement area is decorated with a white exterior paint. We also added flowerbeds at a lower level and a concrete bench with a timber decked seat with storage underneath.
This massive light well now also gives an outside room feel.

What a great design and build by London and Kent Construction Ltd