London and Kent Construction Ltd offer soundproofing solutions and fire barrier services to local businesses and organisations in areas of SE London and Kent.

When it comes to soundproofing, London and Kent Construction Ltd offer effective solutions that optimise safety and ensure that you remain compliant with building regulations. Whether you have been on your premises for a considerable length of time, have recently refurbished or have undertaken a new build, appropriate soundproofing of walls and ceilings and fire walls must be budgeted into your project.

At London and Kent Construction Ltd we keep up to date with changing regulations and requirements to make sure that we provide our customers with soundproofing and firewalls that at least meet the minimum requirements. In many cases we are able to make recommendations to our clients to invest in certain functions before they become statutory, saving them time and hassle further down the line.

For existing buildings, stud walls, suspended ceilings and change of use of a property we will offer you a high quality service with results that will fit their intended purpose and last for many years to come. Our skilled team of tradesmen and women have experience of using a range of materials and will be able to help you to choose the most appropriate supplies for the job in question.

As a local company we carry out residential and commercial building works in the South East London, Dartford, Bromley and Tunbridge Wells areas. To find out if we can help you, or for a free quote, please contact us.