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External Wall Fire Review

Since the Grenfell disaster and the issue of the Hackitt report the safety of high-rise buildings, particularly residential blocks, has come under increasing scrutiny and there has been a drive to confirm their safety or to remediate the buildings. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) developed the EWS1 Form, and this came in to use in December 2019.

EWS stands for ‘external wall survey’. The external wall consists of the outside wall of a residential building, this includes cladding, insulation and fire break systems.

The EWS1 Form records in a consistent manner the assessments that have been conducted on the external wall construction of residential buildings 18 metres or more above ground level or lower buildings where specific concerns exist.

Our services offer an invasive survey of the building, to confirm the make up of the external wall and evidence of fire break systems. 

  • Production of RAMS.

  • Supply of access equipment
  • Obtaining street works licences.
  • Production of traffic and pedestrian management plans.
  • Implementation of plans
  • Marshalling
  • Opening works
  • Undertaking inspection
  • Reinstatement to manufacturers guidance
  • Completion of report
  • Recommendations or certification

What happens after the EWS1 is completed?

There are five possible results from an EWS assessment.

  • Category A applies where buildings have external wall materials that are unlikely to be combustible. RICS states that A1 and A2 findings “are not likely to lead to any further action.” An A3 finding means that remedial work may be needed on attachments to the external wall, such as balconies.
  • Category B applies where combustible materials are clearly present. A B1 rating means the engineer has decided that the fire risk is low, and no remedial work is required. A B2 finding means that there isn’t an adequate standard of fire safety and remedial work/interim measures are required.

London and Kent construction Ltd are providing services to confirm if existing developments meet the requirements for the EWS1 form.

We offer an inclusive package of facilitating works, access equipment, reinstatement, inspection by a chartered fire inspector and report/ certification. Alternatively, we can offer facilitating works, opening up and reinstatement for your own appointed engineer to undertake the inspection.

Our services offer an invasive survey of the building, to confirm the make up of the external wall and evidence of fire break systems. We do not undertake desk top studies.

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London and Kent Construction provide EWS1 Surveys in and around the following areas:

  • EWS1 surveys Bath
  • EWS1 surveys Birmingham
  • EWS1 surveys Bradford
  • EWS1 surveys Brighton
  • EWS1 surveys Hove
  • EWS1 surveys Bristol
  • EWS1 surveys Cambridge
  • EWS1 surveys Canterbury
  • EWS1 surveys Carlisle
  • EWS1 surveys Chester
  • EWS1 surveys Chichester
  • EWS1 surveys Coventry
  • EWS1 surveys Derby
  • EWS1 surveys Durham
  • EWS1 surveys Ely Exeter
  • EWS1 surveys Gloucester
  • EWS1 surveys Hereford
  • EWS1 surveys Kent
  • EWS1 surveys Kingston upon Thames
  • EWS1 surveys Hull
  • EWS1 surveys Lancaster
  • EWS1 surveys Leeds
  • EWS1 surveys Leicester
  • EWS1 surveys Lichfield
  • EWS1 surveys Lincoln
  • EWS1 surveys Liverpool
  • EWS1 surveys City of London
  • EWS1 surveys Manchester
  • EWS1 surveys Newcastle upon Tyne
  • EWS1 surveys Norwich
  • EWS1 surveys Nottingham
  • EWS1 surveys Oxford
  • EWS1 surveys Peterborough
  • EWS1 surveys Plymouth
  • EWS1 surveys Portsmouth
  • EWS1 surveys Preston
  • EWS1 surveys Ripon
  • EWS1 surveys Salford
  • EWS1 surveys Salisbury
  • EWS1 surveys Sheffield
  • EWS1 surveys Southampton
  • EWS1 surveys St Albans
  • EWS1 surveys Stoke-on-Trent
  • EWS1 surveys Sunderland Truro
  • EWS1 surveys Wakefield Wells
  • EWS1 surveys Westminster
  • EWS1 surveys Winchester
  • EWS1 surveys Wolverhampton
  • EWS1 surveys Worcester
  • EWS1 surveys York
  • EWS1 surveys Wales
  • EWS1 surveys Bangor
  • EWS1 surveys Cardiff
  • EWS1 surveys Newport
  • EWS1 surveys St Davids