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Project Description

Project 9:

First it shows you the existing property before any works has commenced.
We then had to remove a lot of the soil as the garden was a lot higher than the original patio areas.
Once we moved the soil we had to put retaining walls in that the client wanted rendered and turned into a seating area/ benches.
We then set out the footprint of the extension and started to carry out the build.

These show the house extension finished.
You can see the back of the retaining concrete walls and benches

These are the concrete benches that we had built, which also have storage inside them.
The patio area and the seats for the benches will be made out of timber wood decking and are being done at a later date.

This is a shot of the inside of the house extension.
A bit hard to get other photos as it was now full of furniture from other rooms. This was a nice project to construct with the new and old theme.
Sometimes it was hard to meet the new straight crisp edges of the new extension with the old twisted character of the original house, but we got there.

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