Electrical Services

We undertake all of your usual electrical works, re-wiring, relocating sockets etc. Please scroll down for more information on other elecrical services we provide.

PAT testing

PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of any health & safety policy and we here at London and Kent consider the Health and Safety aspect of any job especially important. If you have recentlymoved into a new property or work premises then you may feel safer knowing that all your equipment has been successfully tested for faults. The desired outcome is to ascertain whether the device is suitable for safe use.

Here are a few examples of common appliances that should be tested:

  • Extension leads
  • Computers and Monitors that require mains power
  • Audio and telephone equipment that require mains power
  • Kettles microwave oven and other kitchen appliances

Although it is normally recommended to PAT Test all electrical systems and electrical appliances to ensure continuous safety of the workers.

 Under Floor Heating

London and Kent Construction Ltd use a team of professional contractors who specialise in underfloor heating.  The benefits of underfloor heating are that it doesn’t take up any wall space, it produces no noise so it’s silent to run and it is also maintenance free. There are different types of underfloor heating systems available for specific types of floors such as Laminate Floor, Carpets and Vinyl flooring and for Tile/Stone floors.  Although there are many factors involved when it comes to installing Electrical Underfloor heating, this is where the expertise of our team here at London and Kent Construction can help.

There are two main types of underfloor heating systems that are commonly used:

‘Wet Systems’

Wet systems operate by circulating warm water through a series of pipes installed underneath the floor itself. It can be installed to run alongside your current central heating system.  Wet systems cans also be used to cool the room in a more effective way than a traditional air conditioning unit. Although, depending on the property, the floor may need to be raised to allow room for pipework.

‘Electric Systems’

Electric systems operate by having electric wires or sheets installed within or beneath your existing flooring and then connected up to your electric mains supply. Unlike the ‘wet systems’, Electric underfloor heating can be easily fitted underneath a floor covering which makes them more suitable for people who do not want the hassle of installing a full underfloor heating system.

If you require any more information or advice please do not hesitate to contact us here at London and Kent Construction as we are more than happy to help.

Gate Automation

London and Kent Construction Ltd can offer you simple and practical solutions to security in your home. Gate Automation systems are very popular as they are easily installed and enhance security in your property. This can range from electric gates enabling access to your property to automatic garage doors.

Electric Gates

Electric Gates eliminates the hassle that comes with large and heavy manual gates that many people encounter. A simple click on a remote control will allow access without even having to get out of your vehicle, and with the unpredictable nature of the British weather, this is a practical feature to have. On a security front, electric gates have irreversible geared motors which make it extremely difficult for burglars to force them open.