Project 1

Indian limestone random patio with garden wall and lighting

  • We reduced the ground level by 300mm.
  • We then dug the foundations for the brick wall.
  • We then laid 100mms of crushed concrete hardcore.
  • We then laid the electric cables under the concrete base ready for the lighting in the brick walls
  • Then applied 100mm – 150mm of concrete to the complete area including 200mm’s for the wall foundations.
  • Once the concrete had hardened we then started to build the brick walls before laying the Indian limestone slabs.
  • We have now set out the pattern for the Indian sandstone.
  • The Indian sandstone comes in all different sizes and colours.
  • This is called a random patio.
  • We lay these stones on sand and cement.
These are pictures of the finished article. All of the garden wall lights have been installed; the patio has been pointed in and washed down. York stone and any other natural stone would be laid in the same way. Another fine job completed on time.

We now also carry out resin bonded pea shingle on drives to give a natural pea shingle effect without loose stones. Here are a few examples of drives and patios that we have done. We can carry out all block paving brick walls, slabbing and landscaping. Call and ask us about our design and build

Project 2


Driveway in Eltham SE9

Another drive which required a soakaway for drainage around it.

Dropped / Sunken Driveway with structural retaining walls in Eltham SE9.

Shows you the property before the works have started This driveway is in SE9 Eltham

The house is much higher than the road and pavement level, so great care must be made when removing the soil to create a sunken/dropped drive way as the foundations of the house could collapse and you could lose the front of the house.

In these pictures you can see that we have removed the soil and we are holding the foundations back at the front with metal plates driven tight into the ground. Then we installed the foundations for the walls and base for the drive. Finally we inserted metal rods to tie in with the block work behind the brick walls.

These are the finished pictures of the drive. We didn’t want to show you any pictures of the walls going up and the connections made to the walls, as that’s our secret. This helps prevent the DIYers from doing it themselves.

Another great sunken driveway finished on time.