The removal/demolition of a bomb/air raid shelter

We have a lot of people asking how to remove or knock down an air rid shelter. Well it’s not easy, you normally need professional help and tools to carry this out safely

These are pictures of a bungalow property in Priory Park, Blackheath SE3. All retaining walls were carried out with hollow 8 blocks and sand and cement rendered with a flat finish.
All shingle footpaths and turfing were carried out on completion.
The black slate patio gives a great finish up against the white rendered walls

Priory Park is an exclusive area of Blackheath and not suitable for just any building contractor.
Building work must be to a high standard and kept in character with the local area.
We started by removing soil and cutting back bushes to allow for a much bigger patio.
We then lowered the ground level by 300mm and laid hardcore and a concrete base.

Foundations were then poured ready for the retaining wall. We then had to demolish an air raid/bomb shelter which had a concrete roof of 400m thick and concrete walls of 300mm thick.
These were reinforced with reinforcing metal bars.
This was reduced to 350mm below ground level and then we in filled the void and laid soil ready to turf this area.

Removal of an underground bomb shelter on the Cator Estate in Blackheath

These are the finished pictures once we had laid the black / blue slate patio flooring.

This garden project was designed by the client who works in interior and exterior design.
She added all of her own finishes.