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Driveways in London can be something of a rarity. A driveway offers many things aside from the advantage of being able to park; it can be a great outdoor space with the added advantage of on-site parking when you need it.

We design more than just a driveway for you. At London and Kent we design and create a space that compliments the exterior of your property, whilst providing you with a parking space, a patio, a barbeque area, somewhere safe for your child to ride their bike or a play area, depending on your needs and taste. It is with this in mind that we start to consider the construction and function of driveways in London to create the very best quality and value for our customers. So where do we start? And what makes a London and Kent driveway so special?

We are not just any company that offers driveways in London. We are from London, we grew up in London and we love what we do. London and Kent combines the advantages of working with a local builder with the security and experience that comes with employing a company.
If your property is higher than the road level, great care must be taken in removing soil. An inexperienced or unprofessional builder might cut corners here but to do so could damage the foundations of your home.We look at each property and note the practical considerations, such as contours, drainage, size and the position of the new driveway in relation to your home. We will chat to you about what you want your new driveway to give you and listen to your needs and tastes. We may offer you suggestions for practical and cosmetic reasons or give you examples of other projects to help you decide what you would like.

Driveways can add a lot of value to a property. As a result it is essential that a driveway is created, from a structural and cosmetic level, in a manner that will be sympathetic with the property’s exterior and offer all it needs to offer without compromising the appearance or structural integrity of the property itself. We are experienced in working for a range of customers, all over London and Kent. This means that we will be able to help you to find driveway design that will not only serve your needs but will help you to sell your property by offering a range of potential uses according to possible buyers’ needs too.

If you can’t get excited about your new driveway, let us get excited for you. At London and Kent we think driveways in London are much more than just a parking space. We will create a potential new living space, full of versatility and function. For many, a driveway in London is an investment that they can’t afford not to make.