In the unfortunate event of a storm your property may acquire some damage. Dependant on the severity of the storm, the damage could vary from minor works such as removal of debris to major works such as a complete rebuild of a property. London and Kent Construction Ltd can provide for all of these works as well as everything in between.

Lightening strike over field landscape

Storm damage services we include are

  • Emergency board up of doors and windows
  • Pumping out water damaged and flooded areas
  • Roof tarps to prevent additional damages
  • Removal of fallen trees from property
  • Securing delicate structures to prevent more damage
  • Emergency power and generator rental
  • Repairs of damaged electrics, complete with safety certificate
  • Replacement of broken doors and windows
  • Roof repairs
  • Gutter repairs
  • Repairs to fences, brick walls or out buildings

It is best not to try and attempt any repairs yourself. You never know how stable or unstable the property and its fixings may be. London and Kent Construction Ltd are experienced tradesmen who understand the need for proper health and saftey compliance, not just for us but for yourselves as well.