Commercial Landscaping Services

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Areas We Cover

London and Kent Construction cover all of the London and Kent area, including:
  • SE3 - Westcomepark & Kidbrooke

  • SE7 - Charlton

  • SE9 - Eltham & Mottingham

  • SE10 - Greenwich

  • SE12 - Lee & Leegreen

  • SE13 - Blackheath

  • DA5 - Bexley

  • DA6 - Bexleyheath & Orpington

  • DA14 - Sidcup

  • DA16 - Welling

  • BR1 - Bromley

  • BR5 - Pettswood

  • BR7 - Chislehurst

If you would like more information of the areas we cover, contact us via the contact page.

Commercial Landscaping Services in London and Kent

At London and Kent Construction Ltd we offer a full range of services for business and residential customers including high-end, professional commercial landscape services.

Often businesses focus on the interior of their premises, paying little attention to the exterior. However, the outside of your premises speaks volumes about your business and your standards; whether it is a school, shop, office or restaurant, pristine landscaping shows the public that you are professional, efficient and that you have high standards.


Soft Landscaping is the form of landscaping that does not involve any construction work. To this end, it can be done without causing any disruption to your business. Trees, shrubs, planters, window boxes, flower beds and hedges are all different elements of soft landscaping; a great way to demonstrate your business’s high standards and add curb appeal.

Don’t neglect your exterior, invest a little in soft landscaping to bring your premises to life and bring the customers in! London and Kent Construction Ltd have a team of experienced contractors who are able to carry out any aspect of soft landscaping that you require. You may want to brighten up your exterior with window boxes or hanging baskets; if your premises has a neglected outside area, courtyard or garden, you can make them more appealing with planters, raised beds or a few bedding plants. Or, you may want to remove or trim bushes and trees to create more space and light in, and outside, of your premises. Whatever your needs, our experienced team of landscape contractors will be able to bring the outside of your property to life.

London & Kent Construction Ltd.’s soft landscaping services include:

  • Tree planting or replanting
  • Turfing and seeding
  • Top soiling or mulching
  • Ornamental shrub planting
  • General garden clearance
  • Window boxes, hanging baskets and raised beds
  • Garden maintenance

Hard Landscaping

While soft landscaping tends to be purely cosmetic, hard landscaping is more structural. It is, therefore, essential that this form of commercial landscaping is undertaken by professionals. After all, a poorly maintained and landscaped exterior is bad publicity for your business.

For many business owners, unkempt exteriors, damaged or missing fencing, cracked tarmac or lack of parking are niggles that are tolerated. However, to potential customers, lack of parking could prevent walk-in custom, broken fencing implies that you are not conscientious, and messy courtyard or rubbish give the impression that you are not professional. You may not have the time or experience to do hard landscaping, but London and Kent Construction Ltd.’s commercial landscape contractors do. Our team will talk you through what you want, from clearing and removing debris, to installing a driveway or parking bays. With their experience in commercial landscaping services they will get the job done, efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to your business, making your premises more appealing to would-be customers.

At London and Kent Construction Ltd. we offer a broad range of commercial Landscaping Services, including:

  • Design and Construction
  • Land Clearing and Removal
  • Tarmac Surfacing
  • Driveway Installations
  • Parking Bays
  • Tree Surgery
  • Drainage
  • Fencing
  • Kerbs and Edging
  • Ground Stabilisation
  • Tarmac Patch Repairs

We provide commercial landscape maintenance and landscaping services in the South East London and Kent areas SE2 – SE28, DA1 – DA18, BR1 – BR8 and TN1 – TN40.

If you are based in SE2-SE28, DA1 – DA18, BR1 – BR8 or TN1 – TN40, and want to landscape the exterior of your premises to reflect the high standards of your business,

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We pride ourselves on our high standards and in the professional excellence demonstrated by each of our commercial landscaping contractors. To help us to maintain these standards, we are members of The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, Constructionline and NHBC.