Office / Systems Furniture

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London and Kent Construction Ltd can assist you with the installation of your office furniture in many ways.

We will always make sure the furniture arrives in impeccable condition, install the furniture to your specific requirements, ensure that the furniture is installed safely to standard health and safety regulations. We can assist with pre-installation and will check drawing if requested to make sure the furniture is installed in the correct positions. London and Kent Construction Ltd will supply electricans to relocate your existing services including floor boxes and data points to suit you new lay out and ensure that once your team are seated at their new desk they will be able to comence work.

Our team of experienced tradesmen will work alongside a site supervisor who will oversee and review everything as it is being done. The site supervisor will ensure that our team work with the clients schedule and way of working. We can arrange to work out of hours to minimse the downtime and disturbance to your staff and business as we at London and Kent Construction Ltd understand the impact of down time on your business.