Decorating Contractors in London

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Sometimes a tired space needs a refreshing coat of paint to give it a new lease of life. Sometimes the existing décor needs a little bit more….
Often people are intimidated by their décor and struggle to see around the paint colour or the wallpaper design. If your space needs more than a lick of paint our professional decorators will modernise your décor for you without you having to take time out of your schedule. We let you get on with your job, while we get on with ours!

We are contractors specialising in building and decorating in London and Kent, offering a tidy, reliable and professional service to people who are struggling to update their home or who simply don’t have the time to do it themselves.
When someone has been living with décor that isn’t quite to their taste for a little while (or, in some cases, a long while), they can often struggle to know what would work in that space. Some people are tempted to paint or paper over existing decorations simply because they don’t have the time or energy to prepare the surfaces properly. The result is an uneven finish that will wear and tire more easily, meaning that the job just has to be redone again sooner, where, inevitably, more paint or paper is covered over.

With experience in helping customers to find a look and finish to suit their home and their needs, we are used to working closely with interior designers or simply offering our expert opinion if our customers need a little guidance.
We have been decorating in London for years. Our 22 years of experience means that we feel confident in saying that we are one of the most reliable and professional decorating contractors in London and the surrounding area. We have learnt all of the tricks of the trade; we know how to prepare surfaces properly and which materials to use for a durable, professional finish. We also know what works and what doesn’t in different areas of a home. You can trust our experience to guide you towards the best decorating decisions for you.

Because we are so passionate about our area we prioritise the needs of our customers and make sure we deliver on those needs without compromising on function or quality. We take into account your timing needs, financial restrictions and practical necessities to provide you with a finish that will last years.