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Local Swimming Pool Enclosure Services

For people who are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in their back garden there is only one thing that is better: to have a swimming pool that is virtually maintenance free, usable all year round and multi-functional. A pool enclosure can be the answer to a lot of these wishes, but a few problems can arise: it can become a rather expensive operation and for a lot of permanent pool enclosures planning permission is required. Extensions in Glass, a conservatory company based in Wiltshire, has the solution: a semi-permanent swimming pool enclosure that is easy to set up, use and clean. Extensions in Glass will supply nationwide and even to mainland Europe and the USA. In this special report the big advantages, possibilities, costs and maintenance recommendations will be explained.

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The big advantages of pool enclosures by Optimum Pools

  • Cleaning the pool will become child’s play. People who own a swimming pool all agree on one thing: cleaning a pool is one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks. Especially if your pool is situated in the most beautiful and romantic setting with trees all around, trying to keep the pool clear from leaves, dirt and insects can not only be a big enterprise, it can become quite pricey too as a lot of people will hire someone to do it for them. A swimming pool enclosure can solve this problem and will still let you enjoy your environment as it is made mostly from glass and polycarbonate.
  • All year round enjoyment from your pool. Another big advantage of a pool enclosure is that you can enjoy your swimming pool all year round. You will be safe from even the biggest rainfall and because the enclosure acts as a conservatory, the radiation from the sun will heat up the air inside even in the winter.
  • Easily maintainable enclosure. Pool enclosures by Optimum Pools are not only strong enough to resist the most heavy weather but are also highly easy to maintain. Only a high power water jet is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the enclosure – and no leaves and creepy-crawlies in the water anymore!
  • No planning permission required. A big problem with permanent pool enclosures is that planning permission is required which can take a lot of time. Besides that, a permanent enclosure can be very expensive, not only because of the building materials and requirements, but also because of the fact that even in summer a permanent enclosed swimming area has to be heated as the sun can’t get through to help. The enclosures made by Extensions in Glass are semi-permanent, so planning permission isn’t required in most of the cases and the structure can be opened so that an open swimming pool can be enjoyed in summer.

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